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Kirk Franklin | BET Interview, Why Love Will Lead the Way caught up with the revered gospel legend about how the record couldn’t be released during a more needed time and why love will lead the way. You have been very busy in spite of the coronavirus. How have you kept your faith intact amidst the country’s current state between BLM, police brutality and not being able to enjoy worship services together? Kirk Franklin: I think that that just shows you what your faith is really made of when you get into seasons like this. It either pushes you closer or further away. That depends on the compass of your heart. It's how a person chooses to respond to these situations when they come. I just want to make sure that I'm being used to be what I'm supposed to be and find it an honor and a privilege to speak to people. Even in the midst of all of these contemporaneous moments that are happening in society, to believe God still loves us and that he's still in control and that he's really trying to get our attention for something great.  Read More...

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