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Est 2017/Kirk Franklin


Designed by the Russ Berger Design Group, located in downtown Arlington, Texas. Uncle Jessie’s Kitchen is the state of the art studio where Kirk Franklin cooks up his latest hits.

Fo Yo Soul Recordings/RCA

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Fo Yo Soul Entertainment is a full-service entertainment company based out of Dallas, Texas, United States. Established by recording artist Kirk Franklin in 2004. Fo Yo Soul Entertainment is inclusive of the Fo Yo Soul Recordings, Fo Yo Soul Productions, and The Franklin Imagine Group.

Kirk Franklin’s

Praise on SiriusXM


Kirk Franklin's Praise is a commercial-free music channel executive produced by multi-Grammy® Award-winning and multi-platinum selling gospel artist Kirk Franklin. Kirk Franklin's Praise is available via SiriusXM satellite radio on channel 64, and through the SiriusXM Internet Radio App on smartphones and other connected devices, as well as online at

What is The BluePrint About?


Gospel artist Kirk Franklin's faith wasn't always as strong as it is today. His father abandoned his family; his mother constantly told Kirk that he was an unwanted child and left him to be adopted when he was four; his sister became a crack addict; he never saw a black man who was faithful in marriage. Despite his shaky foundation he found strength and success through his music and through God. In The Blueprint, Franklin will explain how by communicating with life's architect, God, he learned to see hardships as necessary life propellants and moved on to become the bestselling gospel musician in recent history, as well as a devoted husband and loving father. This is not a step program, it's a lifelong journey. With Franklin's guidance, you will: • pursue your dreams without losing yourself in the chase • do some lifescaping to eliminate the "weeds" that hold you back • declare your life to be drama-free • get past your fears, so you can live and love fully • pass the baton to future generations by leading by example. It's time to take faith out of the church pews and into our everyday lives. With hope, devotion, and strength, The Blueprint offers a plan to help you move beyond hardships to create your own personal Blueprint for life.

Kirk Franklin chooses 1964Ears as his

In-Ear Monitors of choice.


1964Ears are Kirk Franklin's In-Ear Monitors of choice. 1964|ADEL A-Series Custom In-Ear Monitors are designed for the professional musician and the most discerning listener. They are handcrafted from ear impressions to precisely fit the individual's ear shape. 1964ADEL Custom IEMs are designed with RealLoud™ ADEL™ technologies, which eliminate harmful pneumatic pressures and dramatically enhance the listening experience.

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