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Kirk Franklin


You have given great songs and music. Your style and attitude rocks!!

THank you for your good music and i love the way you put the words and how you say them and my mom loved the one outfit you wore at the Sunday's Best Thing he she put you on top.


I really do appreciate your disclosure about your former addictions. I would love to know what were your steps to overcome. I am a Child of God, Christian through out, but after being molested as a child, my "love" life has been derailed. Without going into too much detail, I have been through 2 marriages and a host of former girlfriends and lovers. I became addicted to internet porn trying to avoid going out and finding another lover. I want to change my life and lifestyle to one that is pleasing to God. This is my only struggle in this life. Is there any literature that you read, Christian or otherwise, that changed your perspective? I believe that prayer changes things, but this need more than prayer.

So What did you do?

In the best words I know how... I need Jesus.


thank you for fight thank you for song and thank you for presents: voice love dance fun consideration of us for piano and god ,bye go(o)d continuation