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Kirk Franklin



I've followed your ministry since the family. The look is a good look....

Truly a star picture with that grace and bit attitude needed.

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You are one of the best star ever and I am one of your truly avid fan. This is a very nice picture.

Thank you.

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This is really nice picture.
I love the red accent that I can see in this picture,
Thanks for sharing.

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Just looking at this picture reminds me of being humble, even though you are looking slightly down, you see the love in just representing the lord. The colors remind me of Africa, the blood shed, and it seems as though, you are in deep meditation, GOD made you a beautiful Image, including your wife and children, though they are not featured here, you are their reflection also. Thank you for being such a great father to your family, and husband to your wife. Your love is evident here. God Bless, peace, from, nevetta barton

Hey Kirkie i really love how God has used you through your music to inspire and encourage our hearts and i love you so much and i had to give my small brother your name.Nway may you continue with the work of spreading the good news and please try to fix us who are in Kenya in your daily prayer sessions.I wish one day to see you even if it will only be for a minute say hay to your lovely wife and kids and to all your friends.God bless ya all.

This is a very nice pic...and I just wanted to say that I am your top fan...I have every cd and you book.