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Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 2 This is a show where people take day trips to Nova Scotia like it's no big deal, so yeah, I'm pretty sure Elena and Damon will still get to hang out & sex each other pretty regularly. I loved this part when Caroline and Elena were carrying their belongings on move-in day already having a great time as college ladies, and then some ghost creeped up on them.

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This was probably the cruelest joke the writers have ever played. Bonnie was now a GHOST who is legit invisible to almost all of the characters yet this changed NOTHING about her role on the show. Elena and Caroline simply did not give a s*** about where she was at that moment and Bonnie just sort of had to pretend she was part of the gang. Man, just brutal. I mean we have seen Bonnie deal with self-esteem issues in the past, but this was just deranged. To you or me this would be an existential nightmare, but for Bonnie it was just another day.

Um, look at Caroline and Elena's dorm room. Maybe it's because I went to a state university but my freshman dorm was basically a prison cell with two sets of bunkbeds and a window that didn't open. LOOK AT THIS ROOM. It has no fewer than THREE hanging lights, one wall sconce, a sitting area, a private bathroom (with sauna?) and vaulted ceilings? Just how many incoming freshman is Whitmore housing with this kind of luxury? Couldn't be more than 7 or 8 right? I'm sure the enrollment is pretty underwhelming due to the murder rate, but still. This room was enormous and Caroline still found ways to repeatedly complain about not having enough personal space.

But anyway, what do two vampire co-eds do to celebrate their first day of college? Toast blood bags, obviously. But just as they were about to dig into their delicious vampire Capri-Suns, in walked, get this: A THIRD ROOMMATE.

I loved how shocked and openly angry Elena and Caroline were about this intruder. Uh, first of all, did you count the beds on your way in?