Ready or Not- He's Coming!

My name is Tony, I am from the San Carlos Apache Tribe located in San Carlos, Arizona. My family (of six) recently loss the seventh, which was our older daughter- Sarah. She was 14 years old, she just graduated from eighth grade, then a week or two later she went home to be with the Lord. I am employed with the Carlota Copper in a small town of Miami, Arizona under a lobor hiring hall called Jalin, I travel about 35.7 miles each way, every four to five days a week- to and from the reservation. I wanted to share a little about me. How many of you know that its a good thing that God is not moved by recession or depression, not even Y2K can move Him. I hear His words in my head saying- I am the Lord thy God, I change not!
I want to share a dream I recently had about 3:30 a.m.. or 4:00 a.m.. early one morning. The dreams starts with me standing on top of a mountain. As I looked across to the other mountain, I observed a wide valley which is about four to five miles across. In this valley, there were thousands and thousands of people from every ethnic background. It appeared thay were living or camping there! I was standing there on top of the mountain admiring the view, I am an outdoor person, I like the things God gave us to look at. While I was standing there panning from right to left, I noticed a man in old biblical clothing standing next to me. I asked him, who are you, you advised he is only a messenger and that he had a message for me to share with all these people in the valley. I said ok. He adivsed that its very important that I share what he is about to tell me with them, I advised I will, he advised don't forget, I advised I won't.
He advised tell those that are still following after God, to keep going, its almost time. I advised I will. He advised don't forget, I told him, I won't forget. He stressed to me how important it is that I tell them. He, then advised me to tell those that have fallen back, backslidden, went there own way and turn away from God- to make it right and rededicate their life back to him. I advised him, I will, he advised its very important-don't forget, I advised i won't- he keeps telling me- Don't Forget!
He told me to them, whether they are Ready or Not- He's Coming! As I looked over the crowd, then back to the messenger, he had already left. I told all the people in the valley what the messenger told me just like I am telling you, then God allowed me to see their faces. Some were happy, some were sad, some were rejoicing, some were crying and some did'nt care, as if they were told before. Then God zoomed my vision to a location in the valley where a large bowl with water was located, possibly bronze. People started lining up around the bowl, they started washing there face- then I awoke from the dream.
As I told you about the peoples facial expression, especially about the one that didn't care, God reminded me about the time Noah and his family enetered the Ark and after the door closed - it was too late! People don't wait until the trumpet sounds to tell you family, friends and relatives about Jesus- It will Be TOO Late! Backslidder- come back to Jesus. Prodigal son, prodigal daughter- come back to Jesus before its to late. Its been an honor and a privledge to share what God gave me to share with you- Go forward in the name of our Lord Jesus! If you have any comments, write me at


Its good to hear about your journey. God is always with you. God Bless.