His Music

I love Kirk Franklin's music. I believe I own all of his albums and even ones that is not his and he's on. Now Kirk you are out there and producing inspiring music to mankind, it seems as if your music is focusing mostly on hurt and pain most of the time. It seems (I'm not saying that's the case) as if you lost your focus a little of what you were blessed to do. You are now just making "Music". What about reflecting the work of God, showing how he is there for you, leading the people back to the love of God? I would like to hear you not only producing good music, music that relates to some people out there but also letting them know of the love of God. I have to admit in some ways they are getting it, but not to the aspect of how God wants you to do it. I think you lost your focus and you are now dwelling on the pain of it all.

Let me say, I do understand that we have to come to terms with our pain to get over it. But it needs to also be reflected on how to proceed in doing so. Give the people more direction in your music. Show them that God is there for them if they come back. I liked your album Hero. Some of the music on there showed the people how to get over pain. It showed them how to talk about the pain so they can start to heal, but when I see video's like Imagine Me, I can't help to wonder if you are trying to portray yourself as God himself. For believers of faith, it's kind of conflicting.

I am a Seventh-day Adventist and my religion would not touch some of your music because of how its represented. Granted I understand you want to reach out to the young people, but what about the laws of God and the love of God.

I think you focus too much of yourself and not of the Savior. You forgot but its not too late to use the talent he gave you to praise his name. Praise his name Kirk and not yourself. Remember with God on our side we cannot fail. It is always good to have an inspirational song to hold on to faith and hope but if we forget in this world who is driving us day by day, then we will be lost to this world. I hope that I am making sense. I am not trying to offend anyone that believes and know you are doing good work for those who need it, but also have to remember our main focus and who brought us here. Remember God so loved the world that he GAVE his ONLY begotten son, that whosoever believe in him shall have everlasting life.

Praise his name


Dear Kirk Franklin

My girls and I really enjoyed your video posted on youtube (I Smile). Its nice to see a Christain video that can engage the young children when there is so much other stuff out there to capture their attention. Keep doing what you do and may God continue to provide the means, widsom and support. God bless


Hi Kirk, didn't know if u got my previous post but I started my reply by calling you FEARLESS. Again I wanna thank u for such an inspirational presents at Enon We spoke formanfew minutes while signing my cd. I have also been living in fear. Terribly abused age 5. I am now 47. I have always wanted to serve through music but have been very afraid. I think this Cd Hello Fear may encourage me to pursue my opera singing career since God has made a way for me to audition At Curtis Institute. Before they told me I was too old but they did away with the ag requirement. Again thanks for the inspiration. Keep your eye open for me. Peace and blessings.

Bye Fearless

Hi Kirk,
Thank you for singing about real issues that all have gone through. I love your music because it lets us know that we all have real issues but there is a real God who can heal all this. I really love "Hello Fear" because I am struggling with fear but after hearing your new cd it lets me know that I can face fear like you. God bless you and your family and keep you that you will continue to do what God has called you to do. In this cd I feel that you are real and you seperate real issues from yourself and you still truimph even if you have to go through these things. I thank you for being real. I like "smile" also.


Kirk I just want to thank you for being an inspiration in my life since 1993 as a single parent. My children are now 19, 21, my daughtersand son 24 1/2years old and it was God's grace that gave me strength to raised them on my own. So excited about your book release 5.18.11 a good day plus it will be my son's 25th birthday. God is good. Continue to do the work that God has laid before you in his BLUEPRINTS.

I understand your concerns and believe that you are of good intentions in voicing them out. As such, I felt I needed to remind you and everyone else that as an anointed gospel artist, one needs to draw inspirations from what we experience and see in light with what God wants us to share to others. I believe that Kirk Franklin's album comes at a crucial time in history, being that there are evidences of worldwide chaos and confusion. It is at such times that we need to draw more strength from the Lord, and as Kirk put it in one of his songs from the "Hello Fear" album, Give me, I'm led to believe that God is speaking through him to the masses out there in the world to ask of Him and He'll grant unto us. Remain blessed!!

“I Smile” has helped me deal with the passing of my 31 year old son. For the past 2 years my caller tune had been Mary Mary “I gotta get myself together”. 2 days prior to my son death I changed my caller tune and my ringtone to “I smile”. I truly believe (2 day prior) that God knew I was going to need this song to help me through this unbearable event in my life and like always he was correct. So any time I start feeling down I listen to I smile and that exactly was I do is smile. Thank you so much Mr. Franklin for making this song for me and may God continue to Bless you.

well some1 like my self who has been thur what krik has as a child from foster care too so much more then @ the age 16 i was told a had cancer i turned to his music i would listen to his music before under going treatment ever now before on my way to start my shift at work i put his cds in to listen to them from the time i leave my house to i pull up @ the fire house i have to hear his music from the old music to the new I LOVE IT.

to my brother krik franklin i pray that god keeps useing you to touch people like myself

Me Again,

Don't get me wrong. His music is great. I just want to clarify that. And they are reaching out to a particular group of people, I am 36 and I love his music and I know older folks love your music too. I am just saying, where are the songs like Hosana and Free and My life is in your hands and First Love? You stop making those. When you praise God, you need joy in your heart and laughter and smiles and love. Your music now has so much pain and honestly who wants to remember pain all the time? Thats all I'm saying.