Anxiety or Spiritual Warfare

Anxiety or Spiritual Warfare

All you hear in the world today is about Anxiety & depression. They both go hand and hand.
2 years ago at the age of 32 years old. I had a life changing experience. We had recently moved to Fort Worth Texas due to our jobs. Never had any sort of problems health wise or with my family life. One day it all hit me at once. I had an anxiety attack just out of no where. It scared me so bad. I didn’t know what was happening to me. The doctors told me it was just anxiety. Well if you ever had anxiety it’s quite a journey. It affects everyone different. I have always trusted in my lord and savior Jesus Christ. So during this trial I looked to him as I always did. But this time it was different. I didn’t hear anything nor did I feel the joy like I use to when I knew I had God backing me up. This time I felt alone. My life was turned upside down. The anxiety took hold of my mind. I thought I was losing my mind. My thoughts were so twisted and disturbing. I would drop to my face and pray for my Lord and savior to please take this away from me. But still nothing. It turned my thoughts away from God. It’s like I was almost scared to read the bible. Then I read about Spiritual Warfare and how the devil sets up strongholds in your mind to turn you away from God. So then I put two and two together. My joy was being stolen because I was letting it be stolen from the evil one. So I put the armor of God on and started on with the war. The reason I write this is to let people now that it is out there (Spiritual Warfare). Don’t let the devil steal your joy. We all go through different trials and tribulations in life. So I say to you my brothers and sisters, will you fight with me? Our faiths will be tested. I ask for your prayers not only for me in my time of war but also for others that are going through this that need our prayers. I pray for you too. We need to stick together and give God thanks for everything in good and in bad times. I feel my salvation is right around the corner. I hope this little story may help someone else to recognize and stand firm in there faith and ask God for his help, cuz we can not do it by ourselves. Kirk Franklin’s song “Looking for you” is true. It helps me get through my rough days. Thanks Kirk.

(I’m still standing!!!)


Together lets pray, and agree, trusting we receive what we ask for, find what we seek, and repenting if we are tempted to have ANY doubt or unbelief big or small while we wait on God to respond to this prayer:

Lord you know our circumstances, you know our hearts, our minds, and the health condition of our faith if our love for you has grown cold causing any of us to get luke warm in our serving of God, please forgive those among us who's heart has hardened, forgive those of us that are living in pride, practicing arrogance, and have mercy on those who turn to secular media resulting in their ways being corrupted by the things meditated on, have mercy on those who are not faithful to seek God first about EVERYTHING, have mercy on those who have not and do not read the Holy Bible, or who have only read a few verses of it and live in ignorance to what ALL the Bible teaches in what is wright or wrong. In the name of my Savior Jesus Christ I ask for the Holy Spirit to revive Christianity like Jesus did to Lazarus back in the day. Amen.


Sorry Check out Beth Moore on "Claiming Your RIGHT to a Sound Mind"

Check out Beth Moore on "Claiming Your Mind to a Sound Mind"

My wife goes through the same thing. Just like the story of Job, I believe that the Lord allows this to happen to not only test our faith, but also to show the devil that there are still saints in the world that have a foundation in Christ and nothing can break that. Our defense should be to follow the example that Christ showed us. That is, rise early in the morning and spend time with the Father in Heaven and meditate on the Word of God. That way, we can fight all day long because we started the day like Jesus did. When you feel the spiritual warfare happening at night, I play the book of psalms on the stereo all night long as I sleep so that the Word of God is in the presence at all times.

Hope this helps and we will fight along side you. We will draw swords and walk through the middle of the battlefield with you.

In Christ,

When I went through the same thing that you are going through, my aunt told me that God will not get any glory out of me dying. Let me encourage you with the word of God that states- I will never leave you nor forske you! You have to be relentless in your faith- Don't back down, down back up, dont give in and dont give up. The word of God states that we will overcome with the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony! Even after all these years, HIS BLOOD still has POWER! Demons still tremble at the Name of Jesus! You'll make it- I hear his words in my head saying- my arms is not shorten that it connot reach, neither is my ear heavy that it cannot hear! I hear another verse that states- and having done all - too stand!

Be of good cheer my brother; The devil may come like a flood, but he is defeated by the blood of the Lamb and the words of our testimonies. We are more than conquerors in Jesus name. Good day