Sundays Best


Hi Mr.Franklin I was a contestant for Sundays Best and it was awesome, I was able to make it both rounds and was told that were told we made it to the 3rd round for Sunday which meant we would be in front of the judges however once we arrived we found that we were misinformed and we had to audition all over again. That was fine but what I would like to get a clear understanding on the judges that we were judged by, it was so much confusion going on and very unorganized that morning, they had judges that were not singers or song writers which we had already been judged by the best in the industry such as Steven heard, Marett June Brown and others in the Gospel industry was it fair to have a 3rd round of auditions and to be judged by people who were not the above? I just want clarity, I flew from Las Vegas to Chicago for the first audition which I had got my ticket at the end of December before Sundays Best changed the date to the 24th, It could not be refunded, thank God I am from Detroit so I was able to go home but then I had to raise money to get to Washington which I did, just to be turned away after I made it every round. This was very disappointing seeing what I had went through. I really just wanted to know if next time will it be more organized and will they tell the truth and allow the ones that made it to the third round be able to audition in front of the judges on the third round. It was a great experience for me, I just wanted to be able to at least go before the judges seeing that this trip cost me well over $1,000. The one thing I would like to see with Sundays best is that the truth be the truth and they allow singers to be heard or even here our story. I really went through alot to get their in this hard economic time, Im sure we will cross roads again. Thank you for the opportunity and hope to get a response from you.

TThank you